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Entry Fees are to be paid on the day, one entry is required per horse/pony per class:

  • Classes 150-151: £10
  • Classes 152: £15
  • Classes 153-154: £10
  • Classes 160-164: £10
  • Classes 170-173: £10
  • Classes 184-185: £10
  • Classes 187-188: £10
  • Classes 190-193: £10
  • Classes 195-199: £10
  • Clear Round Jumping: £5 per Round or £10 for 3 Rounds

Additional Fees

  • Mandatory First Aid Charge: £3 per competitor.
  • Late Entry Charge: £5

Online Entries close 5pm Thursday 2nd May. Entries on the day are accepted but subject to the Late Entry Charge (£5).

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  • All owners are reminded of the requirements under the Equine Animal (Identification) (Scotland) Regulations 2019.
  • All riders must wear protective head gear which conforms to current 2024 standards. Full details from and the BRC Rule Book. Such head gear must be worn with the chin strap properly adjusted and fastened when mounted anywhere in the showfield area. Back protectors are recommended, especially for children.
  • Exhibits are at owner’s risk. The Society will not be responsible for loss or damage by accident or otherwise in the show ground or approaches thereto. Exhibitors equipment and effects are at owner’s risk.
  • All vehicles must be parked as directed by stewards.
  • Doctoring, blistering or tampering of stock strictly prohibited.
  • No person shall ill-treat a horse/pony at the show whether inside or outside the arena or misuse whip or spurs. All horses/ponies must be sound and in a satisfactory condition. The class judge and a member of the Light Horse Section will decide whether the show vet should be consulted. The vet’s opinion will be final.
  • All animals must be kept under proper control. If in the opinion of any show official, any animal is deemed to be a danger to other competitors or to the public, the owner will be asked to remove it from the showfield, and must do so immediately.
  • All ridden horses and ponies must be 4 years old or over. No foals permitted under three weeks of age. No riders under 4 years.
  • Directors reserve the right to cancel, amalgamate to split classes.
  • Any protests must be lodged with the Light Horse Secretary on the day of the Show along with a £10 deposit, to be followed by written confirmation of protest within one week. Deposit will be forfeited if protest is dismissed.
  • Cups and Trophies must be signed for at presentation and returned in good time for the following years show.
  • The judge’s decision is final in all classes.

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150: Unaffiliated Novice Working Hunter Horse/Pony, 151: Unaffiliated Intermediate Working Hunter, 152: Perth Equine Vets / BHS Scotland Working Hunter Series 2024, 153: Ridden Hunter – for horses over 14.2hh, 154: Riding Club Horse – for horses over 14.2hh, 160: NPS Scotland / Towhead Pet n Pony & NPS/Absorbine M&M National In Hand Championship Qualifier – Large Breeds, 161: NPS Scotland / Towhead Pet n Pony & NPS/Absorbine M&M National In Hand Championship Qualifier – Small Breeds, 162: NPS Scotland/Kilmannan Stud NPS/Picton Stud Novice Ridden M&M National Championship Qualifier, 163: NPS Scotland/Baileys Horse Feeds & NPS/Ringside Stud Open Ridden M&M Championship Qualifier – Large Breeds, 164: NPS Scotland/Baileys Horse Feeds & NPS/Ringside Stud Open Ridden M&M Championship Qualifier – Small Breeds, 170: Registered Shetland – 3 years and under, 171: Registered Shetland – 4 years and over, 172: Registered Miniature – 3 years and under, 173: Registered Miniature – 4 years and over, 184: Family Pony, 185: Lead Rein Class, 187: Veteran Horses & Ponies – In Hand, 188: Veteran Horses & Ponies – Ridden, 190: Coloured Horse & Ponies – in hand traditional / non-traditional, 191: Coloured Horses & Ponies – Ridden Traditional / Non-Traditional, 192: Unregistered M&M – In Hand, 193: Cob – In Hand, 195: Greaves West & Ayre and BHS Scotland Riding Club Style Jumping Series 2024, 196: Wobblies Jumping, 197a: Novice Jumping – Junior (16 Years & Under), 197b: Novice Jumping – Senior (17 Years & Over), 198a: Small Intermediate Jumping – Junior (16 Years & Under), 198b: Small Intermediate Jumping – Senior (17 Years & Over), 199a Small Open – Junior (16 Years & Under), 199b Small Open – Senior (17 Years & Over), Clear Round Jumping

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