Sheep Dog Trials

Results 2016
   Prize Name Points  Dog
  1st Neil McKeachan 91 Chloe
  2nd Neil Gillon  OB 88 Shweep
  3rd Neil McKeachan 88 Hope
  4th Stuart Davidson 87 Queen
  5th Tom Blacklock 85 Ben
  6th Jock Welsh 85 Sam
  7th Stuart Davidson 84 Hope
  8th Neil Gillon 83 Bhoy
Special Prizes

  Best Dog, Bred, Broken & Run by Owner R Middleton with Will
  Oldest Competitor A Mundell  
  Youngest Competitor Chris Toner  
  Hired Shepherd W Welsh  
  Best Out Run & Lift John Hastie with Cap
  Best Drive Chris Toner with Fly
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