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Feb 15, 2020

Pad Race

2020 Neilston Pad Race, Sat May 2nd @10am



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2019 Race Start -The Pad Race has long been part of Neilston Show, popularity with runners has increasied in the recent years.

Are you up to the 2020 challenge?

The 4.5 mile event starts in the Neilston Show field in Scotland's 6th highest village, and circles the iconic Neilston Pad (pictured above). This is primarily a trail race with a short section on public roads, and runners of all ability are welcome, - it’s a race for some and a run for others! Will you have time to enjoy views extending from Tinto Hill to Arran, or to spot the buzzards, dippers, stonechats, roe deer, foxglove and harebells along the route? Make a day of it and enjoy the Show once you pass the finish line.

Trophies are awarded for fastest male and female; and all participants will receive refreshments at the finish line.

Basic changing facilities are available for runners and bags can be left in the race tent (though it’s advisable not to leave anything valuable). Footwear is entirely your choice, but you’re unlikely to regret going for something with grip. You may well regret wearing your shiniest new trainers if you want them to stay immaculate!

Entrants for the run must be 16 years of age or over.


Pad Run entry fees:

Entry in advance via Entry Central; £10*

with free entry to Neilston Show

* plus 50p booking fee

(closes on 2nd May 2019)


Entry on the day  £12 £6 Neilston Show entry (payable at gate) plus £6 race entry payable at race tent.
(cash only by 9:30am at race tent)


Race registration will close at 9.45am on the day.

Advance entry is cheaper and helps keep administration on race day to a minimum.

IF you have any pre-race queries, then please contaact

We hope you enjoy your day at Neilston Show

Giffnock North AAA after 2019 race






Neilston Pad Race 2018 : There was mud and rosettes!

A sincere thanks to all the first timers, old timers, and everyone else who turned out for the reinstated 2018 pad race, - it’s great to be back! .... Hope you are returning for more this year ! 

Congratulations to Kieran Cooper, our youngest entrant and race winner in an amazing 27:28, Euan Cunningham who was 2nd and also under 30 minutes, and some old git in 3rd. Top female was Eleanor Bailey in an impressive 39 minutes, with Rhona Bennie just edging Gillian McKinlay in the battle for 2nd and 3rd. Rhona was also 1st F50, Colin Wylie was 1st M40 in 6th overall, Iain Edenborough was 1st M60, and a special mention to grim Graeme Orr, 1st in the M70 class and an impressive 24th overall, not too far ahead of Stuart Irvine, our oldest entrant who stormed home in under 45 minutes in 27th place. 

Race position Surname Forename Race number Race time HH:MM:SS Gender Race Category SA Ref
1 Cooper Kieran 11 00:27:28 Male MSenior  SA46336
2 Cunningham Euan 31 00:29:28 Male MSenior  
3 Anderson Micky 32 00:30:20 Male M50  
4 Lamont Craig 38 00:30:38 Male MSenior SA27731
5 Edenborough Calum 15 00:31:53 Male MSenior  
6 Wylie Colin 6 00:32:34 Male M40  SA8387
7 Smith Craig 28 00:32:46 Male MSenior  
8 Campbell David 26 00:32:57 Male M40  
9 Munro Andy 16 00:34:29 Male M40  SA46026
10 Thompson George 14 00:35:09 Male MSenior  
11 Young David 23 00:35:12 Male MSenior  
12 MacDonald J 27 00:35:25 Male M40  
13 Pollock Archie 36 00:35:33 Male MSenior  
14 Quinn Raymond 21 00:35:51 Male M40  
15 Wood David 39 00:37:12 Male MSenior  
16 Gallacher Gordon 12 00:38:50 Male M40  SA06801
17 Bailey Eleanor 29 00:39:00 Female FSenior  
18 Simpkins David 13 00:39:03 Male M40  
19 Moreau Cedric 35 00:39:38 Male M50  
20 Evans Christopher 8 00:40:02 Male M40  
21 McMillan Scott 33 00:41:28 Male MSenior  
22 Ness Peter 25 00:43:16 Male MSenior  
23 Kinlock Brian 37 00:43:29 Male MSenior  
24 Orr Graeme 4 00:43:46 Male M70  SA08836
25 Mullen John 2 00:44:26 Male M40  
26 Bennie Rhona 3 00:44:30 Female F50  
27 Irvine Stuart 20 00:44:31 Male M70  SA08651
28 McKinlay Gillian 1 00:44:44 Female F50  
29 McBeath Kenneth 22 00:44:51 Male MSenior  
30 Glasgow Steven 30 00:45:05 Male MSenior  
31 Edenborough Iain 17 00:46:06 Male M60  
32 Morgan David 10 00:47:19 Male M40  
33 Hydes Connie 5 00:49:19 Female F50  
34 McGregor Angela 7 00:49:30 Female F50  
35 Collins Patrick  9 00:51:54 Male M60  
36 Connell Alyson 19 00:52:04 Female F40  
37 Hendry Claire 18 00:52:05 Female F40  
38 Holms Sarah 34 00:59:11 Female FSenior  
39 malloy jackie 24 01:01:42 Female F50  
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