Homecraft Section, 2018

Open to All Comers - Entry Money 20p Each Entry

Prizes: 1st - £2;  2nd - £1.50;  3rd - £1

Entries Forms by 6.30pm on Fri 4th May 2018 (Late Entries 40p)

Entries will be received at the Show Field on the morning of the show,
between 8:45am - 9:45am.

Judging commences at 10:00am
The Homecraft Tent will be closed to the public between 10am and 12noon during judging.
James McKelvie Challenge Cup for the most points in Homecraft Section
W.R.I. Cup for the Rural Institute with the most points (Points for 1st, 2nd & 3rd placings only)
Trophies for most points in each section (held for 1 year)
Trophies presented in the Homecraft Tent at 3:30pm

Full Schedule/Entry Forms/Regulations available from  - 0141 881 3420

Baking Section - NAS Industrial Section Cup    
    1.        3 Plain Oven Scones
    2.        3 Oven Scones (any variety)
    3.        3 Pancakes
    4.        3 Cupcakes
    5.        3 Bakewell Slices (Shortcrust Pastry)
    6.        3 Single Meringues
    7.        3 Empire Biscuits
    8.        3 Viennese Fingers
    9.        Butter Sponge (Single, Iced, no Decoration)
    10.      Egg Sponge (Single, not sugared)
    11.      3 Pieces Traybake (not oven cooked)
    12.      Lemon Drizzle Loaf
    13.      Fruit Loaf
    14.      3 Pieces Shortbread
    15.      A Slice of Vegetable Cake (icing optional, variety to be named)
    16.      Gingerbread (Plain)
    17.      Chocolate Sponge (Single, Iced, no Decoration)
    18.      3 Pieces of Tablet
    19.      3 Half-dipped Chocolate Peppermint Creams
    20.      Jar of Jam (variety to be named)
    21.      Jar of Marmalade
    22.      Flask of Homemade Soup (variety to be named)

Handicraft Section - Margaret G Barr Cup
    23.      Snapshot “Gate/s”  (not exceeding 5” x 7” unmounted)
    24.      Hand Knitted Baby's Item
    25.      Any Article in Wool Crochet
    26.      Soft Toy
    27.      Hand Knitted Article in Double Knit or Heavy Knit
    28.      Cushion Cover (any craft, pad optional)
    29.      Hand Made Card (any craft)
    30.      Favourite Sugar & Cream
    31.      Sewn Item (Machine/Hand)
    32.      Any Article in Cross Stitch
    33.      Mounted Pencil Drawing (not to exceed overall A3 size)
    34.      Painting – any medium (not to exceed 24” x 24”, incl mount & frame)

Floral Art Section
    35.      Arrangement in an Unusual Container
    36.      Foliage Pot Plant
    37.      Flowering Pot Plant
    38.      “At The Seaside”
    39.      Arrangement in a Milk Jug
Junior Section
   9 years and under (Molly Crossan Trophy)
    40.      An Edible Necklace
    41.      Decorated Cookie (Decoration only to be judged)
    42.      An Item made from an Egg Carton
   10 – 14 years (Woodneuk Trophy)
    43.      3 Cupcakes
    44.      Decorated Pencil Holder (Handmade)
    45.      Snapshot  “A Animal Magic”    (not exceeding 5”x 7” unmounted, taken by exhibitor)
Novice Classes
               (exhibitor not to have won a First Prize in Baking Section at Neilston Show
    46.       Victoria Sponge (Butter cream and jam filling)
    47.       Banana Loaf
Home Made Wine Section
    48.      White Wine—Medium Sweet
    49.      White Wine—Dry
    50.      Red Wine—Medium Sweet
    51.      Red Wine—Dry
    52.      Homemade Liqueur (presented in any bottle)
Neilston Agricultural Society
Homecraft Section Regulations

1    All entry forms to be in the hands of the Homecraft Secretary,
                 Mrs Elizabeth Mitchell, c/o Renfrew, 90 Main Street, Neilston.
      by 6.30pm on Friday 4th May 2018

    Telephone entries to 0141 881 3420
    E-mail to
    Text to 0787 678 3354

    (Payment for phone, e-mail and text entries
    taken on Saturday morning at show field)

2    Entry fee 20p per entry – late entries 40p

3    Cheques should be made payable to :-     Neilston Agricultural Society Industrial Section

4     Entries will be received at the Show Field on the morning of the show between 8.45am—9.45am

5    Judging commences at 10.00am

6    Presentation of Cups and Trophies will be at 3.30pm

7    Entries and prize money may be uplifted following presentation of Cups and Trophies

8    Each competitor allowed more than one entry in any class

9    If member of WRI please state which institute on entry form.

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