Cattle, Sheep and Heavy Horses

 Regulations 2016

No cattle or sheep from any stock in which there has been infectious diseases within
three months preceding the Show to be admitted to competition or within the Show
All exhibitors must have animal passports accompanying Show Cattle.

Accredited and Non Accredited Sheep are to be shown in separate Sheep Sections.
Facilities are available for Scrapie Monitored Sheep.
The age of stock in all cases is to be calculated from the 1st January, except where
otherwise stated.
All animals must be tagged in accordance with relevant legislation otherwise trading
standards may take action against the offending exhibitor.

All animals exhibited must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor.
Exhibitors who farm principally outside the Show Area must provide evidence of their eligibility to show in the confined classes prior to the Show. No less than an Agricultural tenancy will suffice for this purpose.
No Milk stock to be removed from the Show Ground on the day of the competition until after the Grand Parade. All other stock to remain on the Show Ground until 3.30pm of that day. All protests must be lodged in writing with the Secretary within one week of the Show, along with a £10.00 deposit, which will be returned if the protest is sustained, but will be forfeited should the protest be dismissed.

Exhibits are at owner's risk. The Society will not be responsible for loss or damage by accident or otherwise in the Show Ground or approach thereto.
All exhibitors must have the correct insurance for showing stock.
The Membership to the Society is open to anyone at a Membership Fee of £2.00 payable annually.
Prize money will be paid no later than 30th June after which, unless claimed before, will be forfeited.

Directors reserve power to allocate donations in kind instead of cash or vice versa.
Doctoring, Tampering or Blistering of Stock is strictly forbidden.
In the event of dispute documentation of animals must be shown to prove parentage if requested by a Director.
All winners must take part in the Grand Parade - Cup Winners remain in the ring.

Any animal coming from a Scottish holding must have a ‘negative’ herd status for BVD or be individually tested negative for the BVD virus. (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea)

Any animal from a ‘not negative’ herd cannot move to a show unless it has been individually tested negative for the BVD virus.

Any animal coming from outside Scotland should either be from a BVD CheCS accredited herd or be individually tested negative for the BVD virus.

Trade Stances

Trade Stances space is available on application from the Secretary.
Space allocated to the exhibitors is at the Society's discretion and will be available the day prior to the Show from 2.00pm onwards.

The Show Ground opens on show day at 8.00am and closes at 7.00pm. Exhibitor's equipment and effects are at owner's risk.
All Exhibitors must carry valid Public Liability Insurance.


Veterinary Service
A Veterinary Surgeon will be on call - Courtesy of the Abbey Veterinary Group
Farrier Service
A Farrier will be available - Courtesy of Ian Wade.
Milking Facilities
Milking Facilities - Courtesy of GEA Dairyflow Ltd.
First Aid
First Aid St John’s Ambulance