Cattle 2018

Ayrshire Cattle
1     Cow in milk
2     Cow in calf
3     Quey Derby (Best Quey not exceeding three years in calf or milk)
4     Quey (not exceeding three years old and in milk)
5     Quey in calf (two or three years old)
6     Cow or Quey in calf or milk (confined to the Show Boundary)
7     Pair of cows or heifers (in calf or milk)
8     Three female animals
9     Production Inspection Class
10   Calf (Born after 1st October 2017)
11   Ayrshire Cattle Society Special Prize - Group of three females (confined to its Members)
12   Best animal bred by exhibitor
13   Best Animal in Ayrshire breed - confined to Show Boundary.
Holstein Friesian Section
14   Cow in milk
15   Cow in calf
16   Quey derby (Best Quey not exceeding three years in calf or milk)
17   Heifer in milk
18   Heifer in calf
19   Heifer (free of Bull)
20   Cow or Heifer (in calf or milk)
21   Pair of female animals (Any age)
22   Three Femaile animals
23   Production Inspection Class
24   Calf (born after 1st October 2017)
25   Champion Female Animal
26   Best Animal Bred by Exhibitor - Carrs Agriculture Cup
27   The Kerr Cup - for best pair
28   James Kerr (Kilburn) Memorial Cup - Holstein Freisian Champion (confined)
29   Overhead Champion/Jubilee Trophy - Supreme Holstein Friesian animal
Any Other Dairy Breed
30   Cow in milk
31   Cow in calf
32   Heifer in milk
33   Heifer in calf
34   Yeld heifer
35   Calf (born after 1st October 2017) - Blackbyres Cup

Commercial Beef Cattle
50   Bullock - Continental Breed
51   Heifer - Continental Breed
52   Bullock - Native Breed
53   Heifer - Native Breed
54   Calf  (born after 1st January 2018 - to be led by children 15 and under)
55   Young Farmers Class - For best Commercial Animal shown by YF member
56   The WP Tulloch Trophy - Pair of beef animals
57   Best bullock or heifer (bred by exhibitor)
58   Best cow or heifer - in calf or calf at foot  (pen available)
59   Bill Ruthven Trophy - For the Champion Commercial Beef Animal (confined to Show Boundary)
Pure Breed Beef Cattle
Pure Breed Beef Cattle - Continental
60   Cow or Heifer (Any age in calf or calf at foot)
61   Heifer (Exceeding 1 year)
62   Bull (Any age)
63   Calf (Bull or Heifer not exceeding 1 year)
64   Overall Champion
Pure Breed Beef Cattle - Native
65  Cow or heifer (Any age in calf or calf at foot)
66  Heifer (Exceeding 1 year)
67  Bull (Any age)
68  Calf (Bull or heifer not exceeding 1 year)
69  Capellie Cup - for best in Pure Breed Native section
Highland Cattle
70  Cow (Born before 1st January 2014)
71  Cow (Born after 1st January 2014)
72  Heifer (3 year old)
73  Heifer (2 year old)
74  Heifer (1 year old)
75  Bull (Born before 1st January 2017)
76  Bull (Born after 1st January 2017)
77  Calf (Born after 1st Jan2018)
78  Best pair of animals (any age)
79  Overhead Champion - The Woodneuk Cup and Highland Cattle Rosette
Simmental Cattle
80  Cow or heifer (in calf or calf at foot, over 3 yrs old)
81  Heifer (in calf or calf at foot , 2yrs old, not 3 yrs old)
82  Female (not exceeding 2 yrs old)
83  Female (not exceeding 1 yr old)
84  Bull (any age)
85  Male or Female (up to 9 months on day of show)
86  Best pair of simmentals - Annick Rose Bowl
87  Overall Champion - The Davidson Cup

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