Light Horse Results 2016

Well Done to our 2015 Trophy Winners



Lesley McGill Trophy,

for the Equine Champion of Champions


           Winner - Ring the Bell ridden by Anne Jolly;

           Reserve - Trailtrow Lille led byGillian McMurray.


Ouplaymuir Cup,

for the Best Horse in Show Hunters, BHS Working Hunter and Riding Club Horse.


            Winner -Ring the Bell ridden by Anne Jolly;



Campbell Fuel Oils Cup,

for the Best Unaffiliated Working Hunter


            Winner - Cuffestown King ridden by Suzanne Bradley;




Commore Trophy,

for the Best Mountain & Moorland Pony


Winner - Trailtrow Lille owned by Gillian McMurray;



 Duncarnock Cup,

for the Best Family Pony


Winner - Feargal Nesbit ridden by Kirsty Anderson;




Touchmill Princess Cup,

for the Best Coloured Horse/Pony


            Winner - Westend Boy ridden by Judith McAughtrie;




Thomson Family Trophy,

for the Best Veteran


            Winner - Gabby ridden by Reba Laurie;







Trophy Winners








Toyland Trophy: Cassindilly Roxy Louise Wilson
Champion Shetland Pony    
Oxgang Stud Trophy: Almondell Vienna  Kevin & Framces Punton
Champion Junior Shetland Pony    
Lignite Trophy: Eiger Nijinsky  Mr R. S. Pitcairn
Best Registered Miniature Shetland Pony    
Ardanbeag Trophy: Lignite Springtime Lorna Jamieson
Champion Junior Miniature Shetland Pony    


Class Results

 Ridden Hunter, Riding Club Horse and BHS WH (Blair Qualifier) Classes


Class 150   Working Hunter (BHS Blair Qualifier)
  1st Irish Skipper Clair Beaton
  2nd Killags Sweet Clout Sophie Lamont
  3rd Bordergrove Miami Rhona Donald
  4th Silverturf  Victoria woods
  5th Donnie Darco Ii Robert Clunas
  6th Incontention  Clare Pearson 
Class 151   Ridden Hunter (Over 15hh)  
  1st Ring the Bell Anne Jolly
  2nd Gearoid-ap-Chad Lilian Cloy
  3rd Bordergrove Miami Rhona Donald
  4th Killags Sweet Cloud Sophie Lamont
  5th Dark Moon Fiona Murphy
  6th Cloud 9 Viv Adam
Class 152 Riding Club Horse  
  1st Killags Sweet Cloud Sophie Lamont
  2nd Cloud 9 Viv Adam
  3rd Gearoid-ap-Chad Lilian Cloy
  4th Solomon Michelle Thomson
  5th Zara Louise harris
  6th West Coast Storm Linda Braida



Unaffiliated Working Hunter Classes


Class 154 Novice Working Hunter (Over 15hh)  
  1st Guest Appearance Susan Craig
Class 155 Novice Working Hunter (15hh or less)  
  1st Prince Robin Nikki Reid
  2nd Sparky Holy-Rose McCamley
  3rd Zara Lady Melanie Scott
  4th Cuffestown King Susie Bradley
  5th Feargal Nesbit Kirsty Anderson
Class 156 Intermediate Working Hunter (Over 15hh)
  1st Dash of Cass Robert Clunas
  2nd Ring the Bell Anne Jolly
  3rd Westend Boy Judith McAughtrie
Class 157 Intermediate Working Hunter Pony (15hh o
  1st Cuffestown King Susie Bradley
157 2nd Zara lady Melanie Scott
157 3rd Sparky Holly-Rose McCamley
157 4th Charleville Star Annie Kane
157 5th Feargal Nesbit Kirsty Anderson


Mountain and Moorland Classes


Class 160 M&M Large Breeds In Hand  
  1st Trailtrow Lille Gillian McMurray
  2nd Knockamillie Prima Donna Gemma Cuffe 
  3rd Carlung Kylestrome Heather Dick
  4th Maescrofta the Candyman Jenna Taylor
  5th Moorpark Blueberry Mirren Wilson
  6th Zara Lady Melanie Scott
Class 161 M&M Small Breeds In Hand  
  1st Dunaskin Eleanor Crate
  2nd Dymock Kickstart Gerogia Quinan
  3rd Casinoilly Roxy  Louise Wilson
  4th Rushfield Whisky Galore Zoe Nicoll
  5th Almondell Virginia Kevin & Frances Punton
  6th Kerryston Theodore Ken & Anne Scott
Class 162 M&M Novice Ridden  
  1st Heatherjock of Fournerk Jane McNaught
  3rd Shanbo Ben Ellis Simister 
  4th Anchor Gooseberry Zoe Nicoll
  5th Trailtrow Lille Gillian McMurray
  6th Glenceich Lalique Elizabeth Hamilton
Class 163 M&M Large Breeds Open Ridden  
  1st Carlung Kylestrome Heather Dick
  2nd Trailtrow Tanera Gillian McMurray
  4th Niamh of Whitefield Janice Boyd
  5th Moorpark Blueberry Mirren Wilson
  6th Menai Regal Gold  SJ Crichton
Class 164 M&M Open Ridden Small Breeds  
  1st Silmarilion Snap Dragon Holly Druff
Class 165 M&M Leading Rein  
  1st Cromagtir Culann Adam Mansouri
  2nd Anchor Gooseberry Archie Nicoll
  3rd Glenceirch Lalique Morgan McLaughlan
  4th Cairnsmore Trinket Maia Tahaney/Katie West
Class 166 M&M First Ridden  
  1st Glenceirch Lalique Morgan McLaughlan



Shetland Pony Classes

Standard Shetlands

Class 168 Shetland Yearling  
  1st Almondell Crackerjack Kevin & Frances Punton
Class 169 Shetland - 2/3 year old  
  1st Almondell Vienna Kevin & Frances Punton
  2nd Myreton Galaxy J Wilson
  3rd Stranduff Mercury M Nesbet
Class 170

Shetland Stallion 4years+

  1st Kerryston Theodore Ken & Anne Scott
    Wells Triple Mint Kevin & Frances Punton
Class 171 Standard Shetland 4 Years+ Mare or Gelding
  1st Cassindilly Roxy Louise Wilson
  2nd Oakley of Auckhorn Louise Wilson
  3rd Almondell Virginia Kevin & Frances Punton
  4th Millhouse Vitality Kevin McQuillan
  4th Millquoy Democrat Aileen Allan
  5th Verona of Milton Kerry Paris



Miniature Shetlands


Class 172 Miniature Shetland - Yearling  
  1st Lignite Island Star Lorna Jamieson
  2nd Routongill Princess Grace Lisa Anderson
    Oxgang Bentley Mr Pitcairn
  1st Lignite Springtime Lorna Jamieson
  2nd Halstock Orla Susan Cook
  3rd Ardanbeag Highlander Gillian McIntosh
  4th Kerryston Eddie Ken & Anne Scott
    LibbyJo Fiesta Jennifer King
Class 174 Miniature Shetland - Stallion  
  1st Eiger Nijinsky Mr Pitcairn
  2nd Myreton Dougal J Wilson
  3rd Ardanbeag Aster Jennifer Mitchell
Class 175 Miniature Shetland 4 Years+ (M or G)  
  1st Brass Petrine Mr Pitcairn
  2nd Migulay Impala Lorna Jamieson
  3rd Hawksground Candy Floss Lynsey Jess
  4th Tenston Orkney Breeze Jennifer Mitchell
  5th Hermits Forget me not Gillian McIntosh
  6th Routongill Eric Lisa Anderson



Family Pony, Coloured, Veteran & Showjumping Classes


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